Green Office Space,Indira Nagar, Bangalore.

Up above the world so high!



Our off-beat office on an open terrace with its raw wooden accessories and recycled furniture proclaims our philosophy and attitude. The open terrace was left out by the owner and was an empty & mundane concrete space of 1,400 sq. ft. What we liked was the huge tree on the road whose branches creeps and peeps into the terrace, sheltering one half of the place. In spring it is extremely beautiful with lovely rose flowers and is a silent hub away from the traffic and the dust of Bangalore.


The calm residential area with parking space in the front was also a triggering factor to fall in love with this outlandish work corner. It was our perfect “green office”! We built around the entire terrace in steel structure with minimum cost. True to our inspiration and motto, we used all materials natural - recycled wood, recycled flooring, furniture from waste wood, furniture from eco materials. 

One side of the office is open to the greenery around. This has pepped up the working atmosphere and our creative brains with lot of natural light and ventilation coming in. 


Even during hot afternoons, the space is pampered with a gentle breeze and cool air from the bushy branches. No air-conditioning or artificial lights required! This has helped us a lot in considerable energy savings. We use ambient warm lights that make our night shifts even more awe-inspiring. 

The office is modern, green and open – a hard-to-get feature in Bangalore- and stimulates our crowded minds which are more accustomed to the closed walls of city life.  We have used lot of indoor plants as well as regular ones on the outside to make the ambience more lively. For partition, green wall is used. Minimum cost, aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly. 

The office with its rustic finish, minimalistic look and industrial lights can accommodate 23- 24 people.

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