About us

The EarthSoul Project was born as an extended vision and passion for eco-conscious dwellings which promote sustainable, aesthetic and organic living spaces. The project is a conscience-driven effort to balance the demand for eco-friendly homes and the need to preserve a fragile environment by building environmentally friendly house.

EarthSoul is an expert team of creative minds instigated by a passion for creation, a commitment to community and the social responsibility of creating and maintaining a healthy habitat. Our well-researched and effectively-designed layouts are backed by decades of experience and expertise green home builders. The functional layouts are flexible and in sync with the climate and topography of a region ensuring a peaceful cohabitation with the surrounding environment.

Our Team.

Bijith Bhaskar Founder/ Managing Director of EarthSoul Bangalore
Bijith Bhaskar

Founder/ Managing director

parvathy - Diretor of EarthSoul Bangalore
Parvathy Sundaresan 

Founder/ Director

Saji George - Associate of EarthSoul Bangalore
Saji George


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