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Problems of Growing Population and Globalization Housing in Bangalore

According to the 'World Population Review', Bangalore's population has increased by 47% in just the last 10 years, due to growing opportunities and better infrastructure, that are bringing in people from across the country to this ever expanding city. While this is a blessing for the thousands of people coming in, it is a disaster in the making for the city housing and cooperative society. This population increase is seeing many lakes dry up and lands being used for building high rise apartments and industries, polluting near by lakes with their harsh chemicals. The sheer increase in population is increasing the number of cars on the roads which is in turn rapidly increasing the pollution and unhealthy air in Bangalore.

Sustainable living

The once 'Garden City' is now on the verge of losing its greenery with the development authorities going on a rampage of cutting trees, demolishing parks and lakes for human habitat; all this is making the eco-system of the city bleed. Global warming too has taken a harsh toll on Bangalore, with the weather conditions spiking every year. While this is going on one side, the other side is seeing a lot of NRI's coming back to the city with fresh and innovative ideas along with foreign investment. Their education and exposure abroad came back like a mirror held to the terrible conditions back home. Their return has made many of our city's politicians and diplomats sit up and take notice of the city's infrastructure, including roads, buildings, housing plans and expanding the city's limits.

With the city's limits expanding every year, people are choosing to relocate to the outer limits of the city to stay away from the pollution and traffic that is within the city. People want to live in better communities that combine modern amenities with nature, even if it means shelling out extra money; sustainable living seems to be the order of the day. Using eco-friendly materials and coexisting with nature is a concept the IT generation is looking to invest in. The use of bricks, integrating a sun roof, organically sourced materials and completing with an organic gardens are what is driving couples and families to tie up with architects that share the same vision.

Green Architecture

At Earth Soul, this is exactly what our vision and mission is. Sustainable living for the Urban Soul. We merge the indoors with the outdoors, in all our projects and this is something that continues even at our working space. From sourcing the best materials, inventive and well-tested systems and constant research on green living and technology, we provide our customers with contemporary yet sustainable living. We're in the business of making the dreams and ambitions of our customers come true by providing the best in global designs, combined with ecological ways of living like: rain water harvesting, effective waste management, recycling, solar panels etc. We ensure that our clients enjoy the best of both worlds by integrating 'green layouts' and 'breathing walls'. Proving that quality can exist along with sustainable living.

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