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Hexagon Wealth Office , Jayanagar, Bangalore

The celestial look of the interiors at Hexagon Wealth Office doesn’t have the stiff, business-smelling airs of a financial planning company.


The diffused lights, the brick wall and the wood-textured flooring beckons you to relax and ponder over an abstract piece of art- something its owner and MD Mr Srikanth Bhagawath perhaps would relinquish doing at times! A passionate art-lover, Srikanth wanted to bring in an artistic touch to his wealth management company when he decided to revamp the 1,400 sq.ft office in Jayanagar, Bangalore. 


With a limited area and clumsy space management, the existing structure had restricted the workspace to accommodate only 14 people and a small conference room. Srikanth wanted an open office with a natural ambience and spacious enough to contain 18 people, a formal lounge, an MD cabin, reception area & service spaces and a conference room with a seating capacity of 10. 


The plan was open and flexible and gave open style workstations, each having six seats in white and yellow with warm linear hanging lights hung above. The conference room is formal in sombre shades of white and brown wood. The existing false ceiling is totally removed and the A.C ducts are exposed and painted white to give a rustic industrial look. A muted palette of white, bright yellow and grey colours are used for interiors. The highlight of the project is the efficiency of space utilization and the office is expected to run for the next eight to ten years with the same spatial requirements.


The interiors have been re-designed with natural looks and a raw décor - bricks on two sides, walnut wooden flooring, and beautiful antique lights that highlight the walls and the paintings on them.  The solemn grey and white are balanced with a bright happy yellow, adding depth and texture to the interiors.


The renovation plan not just provided 20 work stations but also enhanced the interiors by bringing in a creative touch reminiscent of nature, art and the sublime, true to the company’s motto of wealth & well-being. 

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